When I finish working a very penalty heavy bout.



This is exactly how I felt about the 199 minors bout this weekend.

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Karen and Arthur for The Guardian

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When a skater in the box does not stand when told.




Do you get a penalty if you just never stand? Is that a thing or no..

No… There’s no additional penalty. You’ll just sit there the entire rest of the game I suppose. - When there are ten (10) seconds remaining on the penalty clock of a penalized skater, she will be instructed by the penalty timer to stand. She must stand.

From the WFTDA Standard Practices:

The Penalty Box Official shall inform the skater who is refusing to stand that the remaining time of her penalty will not be timed until she stands. 


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Thanks Geek and Sundry for getting me hooked on Munchkin, only to find out there is also a The Guild expansion pack that I now MUST HAVE.


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Guess who put in an order for new skates today! Sweet birthday present from Daniel! :D (Taken with Instagram)

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I want this hair.

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Firecrackers, smoking jackets and martinis don’t mix.

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